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UNILIFT - Vertical Long Stroke Pumping System


The UNILIFT pumping unit that has been produced by the Forland Group is a longstroke pumping system with an adjustable stroke and speed change function. The UNILIFT incorporates proven technology and innovative design, making the unit the most efficient at performance by providing customers with greater output and investment ratio. Our unit has been designed to handle all types of well conditions especially deep wells, high fluid volume wells, deviated, horizontal, gaseous wells, heavy and tight oil wells. The UNILIFT is a better alternative to electric submersible pumps or progressing cavity pumps.

The UNILIFT can achieve a maximum stroke length up to 394 in. / 10m with a minimum stroke length of 39 in. / 1.0m. The Forland Group has engineered the UNILIFT with the capability to make stroke length and stroke speed changes during operations by utilizing our Variable Speed Drive. Because of our program-controlled transmission and steering the UNILIFT has an almost perfect load curve. This function will reduce the impact caused by the axial vibration of downhole pumping by almost eliminating the radial shock and residual vibration. This helps maintain the wellhead seal, reduces the tubing wear and increases the longevity of the sucker rods as well as the life of the downhole pump.

During workovers the UNILIFT is very safe and simple. The process of rolling back the unit from the wellhead can be completed without the aid of additional lifting equipment because of our self-lifting system that is included with every unit. In addition, the UNILIFT has been design for on-site maintenance to help reduce further downtown.

Features, Advantages and Customer Value

1. Compared to the same model, the reducer torque is greatly decreased, the size reduced, and the overall weight of the unit has been lessened.
2. This unit is engineered with a different gear reducer design but the same max polish rod loading. The difference has eliminated the additional torque load, optimizing the bearing stress.
3. Better transmission components, better load balancing, more stability and reliability produces one thing and that is a higher life expectancy.
4. Better electrical usage savings, more than 30%-50% higher. Large loading, longer strokes is what will create even higher energy- efficiency.
5. Our intelligent touch screen display controllers with operating parameters in real time and can be accessed remotel.
6. Adjust stroke and speed by utilizing the touch scan controller.
7. Easy to install (external auxiliary mounts, hanging point connections, balanced lifting) saving time and personnel.
8. Our complete series of models can handle polished rod loads from 3 tons to 30 tons, which can meet different production goals.
9. We designed our unit with as much of an open-architecture design as possible. The reason is to solve the current vertical unit "on-site" maintenance issues. We believe we have corrected on-site maintenance problems.
10. Using a soft-start motor com-mutation, flexible, and make the unit run more smoothly plus help downhole pump life.

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