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Fracturing Fluids

Our R&D team closely works with experienced chemists and engineers of our partner companies and is responsible for carrying out state-of-the-art research and development of formulations for fracturing applications. Our company provides customized fracturing fluids, acid fracturing fluids, and on-site operating service which have been successfully performed over 500 well times in the Tarim, Ordos, Sichuan and Qinghai Basins. We strive to be a leading fracturing company with sustainable products and advanced technical service. We enhance your productivity and reduce operating expenses, and we are your reliable partner conducting business in an honest and transparent manner.

Products and services

1. EFR Friction reducer fracturing system: Capable of effectively reducing friction by 50-85% using 0.1-0.25% EFR friction reducer; Good compatibility with other additives; No influence on the crosslinking performance of fracturing fluid.

2. ECA-160 crosslinked gel acid fracturing system: Capable of delaying crosslinking for 30-300s at 20% HCl; High temperature and shear resistance after shearing half an hour at 160°C at 170S-1, the viscosity of gel acid system is remains above 50mPa.s; Good retarding performance, the retarding speed of gelled acid system is more than 95%; Good sand carrying and filtration reducing property; The reacted acid has good carrying and flowback ability; Excellent compatibility with other additives.

3. EPW polymer fracturing system: Good rheological properties and shear resistance in a broad temperature range, from 20-30°C to 160°C. Applicable to well depths of 400m to 6000m; Crosslinking delay time can be adjusted from 30s to 3min, according to the depth of the reservoir; Rapid gel breaking upon addition of gel breaker; convenient site application.

4. HRPA High-strength Gel Chemical Plugging Agent System: The base fluid of HRPA plugging agent has good fluidity to be easily pump injected; Applicable to a wide range of formation temperatures from 30°C to 150°C; High salt and mineral tolerant, the maximum experimental mineralization can reach above 250000mg/L; Controllable setting time between 4-24h; High strength gel with maximum compressive strength to 20MPa; Good oil-water selectivity.

5. EHF in-situ mixed fracturing system: Meets the in-situ liquid preparation requirement of large-scale fracturing and fracturing construction in complicated environmental conditions; The exclusive crosslinking agent can directly crosslink with the base fluid with adjustable delay time within 1-5min and good temperature and shear resistance; The thickening agent has good dispersibility, and can reach more than 90% of maximum viscosity in 3-5min; Few insoluble solids are present, minimizing formation damage.

6. ECF-120 clean fracturing fluid system: The viscosity can be kept above 30-40mPa.s at 120°C; Gel breaking within 1-2h can be realized and the viscosity of the broken liquid is less than 5-10mPa.s; Convenient and simple use, ECF-120 clean fracturing fluid can be prepared and used in cold environments at -10°C; and in the meantime, due to its good dissolving property, it even can realize the real-time preparation construction.

7. The core fracturing technologies: Bridge plug and perforation integrated multistage fracturing technology; Open-hole, multistage fast fracturing technology; Hydrajet assisted fracturing technology (HJAF).