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FCC Catalyst


Forland is a wholesale agent of Qingdao Huicheng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (HCpect). HCpect is the 3rd largest FCC catalyst manufacturer in China, 6th in the world, with core business in FCC catalyst manufacture. Its product portfolio include rejuvenated FCC catalyst, fresh FCC catalyst and FCCU additives. A fresh FCC catalyst production line was established in 2010, with a production capacity of 20,000 tons/year. It contains 7,000 tons/year NaY molecular sieve, 3,000 tons/year HY and a USY molecular sieve, and 3,000 tons per year REY molecular sieve. In 2013, HCpect acquired a manufacturing facility with the capabilities of producing 1,000 tons per year of multi-functional FCC additives. HCpect is also the largest FCC equilibrium catalyst distribution center in China.

Over the past decade, the HCpect catalyst system has evolved to meet the challenges of many industrial FCC applications. The formulation of AIC could be agilely tuned according to FCCU's primary economic drivers, such as feed property, operating constraints, and product profile. The performance of the AIC catalyst is optimized by integrating cutting-edge technologies in zeolite, matrix, and binder manufacturing.

HCpect has been providing industry-leading technical service to the refining industry since 2006. HCpect wish to listen to your FCC catalyst and operation issues. HCpect's experienced engineering team support FCC customers with:

1. Application and operation expertise

2. Start-up assistance

3. Industry benchmarking

4. Feed characterization

5. Pilot plant studies

6. Unit optimization

7. Remote unit monitoring