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Hydraulic Disk Brake


PSK Disk Brakes System is a key product of Forland Group, Inc. The hydraulic disc brakes and their control systems for drilling rigs has been inundated with the highest technological advancements as we have the independent intellectual property rights to prove it.

Pushing forward Forland Group has founded a modern factory which can manufacture 300 hydraulic disc brakes per annum. Since conception our new facility has supplied over 600 hydraulic disc brakes of various types all over the globe. These disc brakes are quickly receiving warm receptions and high recommendations.

Forland Group adheres to the scientific and steady development with advocates cooperation, Win-Win and joint progress. Working together with our customers we plan on consistently contributing to the positive development of the Petroleum Industry adding our "unique principle of management, top-grade product quality, all-directions sales-service".

Features, Advantages and Customer Value

1. The two loops control of the main service caliper and the two brake discs of the system ensure that the system can work normally when one hydraulic loop appears faulty.
2. Brake calipers are small in appearance and powerful in brake force. The test in the USA show that the brake force of PSK hydraulic disc brakes is more powerful than that of similar products made by other manufacturers.
3. The particular forms of clearance adjustments such as oil adjustment clearance and grease adjustment clearance can adjust the clearance conveniently and accurately. There are also other kinds of clearance adjustments such as mechanical adjustment clearance designed to meet the individual requirements of users.
4. Various kinds of brake discs such as entirely forging discs, jointing discs, air cold discs, water cold discs and coercive air cold discs are designed to meet the individual drilling conditions.
5. Our hydraulic power unit is compact in configuration, convenient in maintenance. The two pumps, two loops and the accumulator of the unit ensure safety when in use.
6. We also can supply our clients with various kinds of hydraulic power units. PSK Co. can also produce the comprehensive type hydraulic unit required by disc brake and mechanized equipment.

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